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The mother who went from XL to XS – Sarah’s story

Sarah Trajkovic blog

My name is Sarah and I’m 28 years old. After the birth of my second child, I weighed 84.5kg – a lot being just 1.57m tall. It was then that I decided to get back the body I had when I was 18, to be confident and to keep seducing my husband. Most mothers I knew at the time told me I would never manage it. Even though I had never exercised in my life, I still wanted to prove them wrong.

After the birth of my first child in 2012, I put on 20kg and then lost 25kg, but I still had a flabby body and lots of cellulite. So after my second child, I decided to get back to it, back to a healthy diet and to lose the 17kg I had gained again during my pregnancy. I wanted to get a toned and fit body, which I’d never had.

As a housewife, Freeletics was the perfect option. In the beginning, I found it crazy, but I kept going, because I really needed to get a grip of myself. I did Freeletics at home, three to five times a week. Sometimes I thought about giving up but the Freeletics newsletters, real and direct, kept me motivated. I started eating healthier food. Until now, I have lost 30kg in one year. But moreover, I am way stronger, both mentally and physically. I became more optimistic. Now nothing seems impossible to me anymore.