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How to find your freedom

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“Nowadays, we often think that freedom has to do with our appearance, financial situation or being able to buy new things. The truth is, freedom is the physical and mental well being to feel good about yourself in all circumstances.”
Ivano (43) Italian Free Athlete

If you’re still searching for your own individual freedom, the reason you can’t find it might be because you’re not looking in the right place. If you want #MoreLife this year: look harder. Search further. As soon as Ivano stepped out of his comfort zone and stopped conforming to socially acceptable rules and values, he found his freedom. Take note – because the following could lead you to yours too:

“Freedom is a feeling” – Awaken it.

By actively opening your mind to new possibilities and investing time and energy into reaching goals, you are awakening your individual feeling of freedom. It comes from unlocking your potential, realizing your inner strength and feeling powered to do even more. All of these, in turn, give you more freedom.

“Achievement frees up the way you see the world and the possibilities that are available to you. So go out, explore your personal limits and awaken your freedom, today!”

“Freedom is time” – Make it.

“I appreciate the moments when I have free time. Even though I have to travel often for work, I make time to spend with my family and friends. I love being outside and doing sports. But freedom also means relaxing and taking a break from a lifestyle that sometimes gets too hectic. It’s also about not being too strict on yourself. I don’t focus on calories, but rather try to enjoy good food with friends. It’s all about balance.”

“Freedom is a place”- Discover it.

It’s being on the top of a mountain, where there are no walls or buildings to block your view. It’s the feeling of standing at the highest point and realizing how small you are in comparison to the world. It’s in the middle of the ocean, when you realize how far you can go and that your overall strength and power can bring you anywhere.

“Freedom occurs when you allow your mind and body to wonder to an unfamiliar place. Only then will you recognize how much there is for you to explore.”

Take the time to find out where your place is. You never know, it could be somewhere totally unexpected.

“Freedom is a decision” – Decide it.

Life’s tough. We can often feel overpowered by the pressure to conform to society’s standards or go down a certain path just because everyone else is – don’t ever allow yourself to feel like this. We are all free to choose our life and to choose our future. It’s never too late to start something new and you are always only one decision away from a better life.

“Before I first started training with Freeletics, I didn’t think I would reach any results, or at least I thought my age would hold me back. Today, I am 43 and I feel my fitness level is great. All the muscles in my body are stronger, I am more toned and reactive and I feel at my best both mentally and physically.”

Whether it’s finally quitting your dead-end job, moving to a new city, or losing enough weight so that for once, you can feel comfortable in your own skin – it’s time to recognize the one decision that’s going to change everything. Because the thing is, you have the freedom to make it.

“Freedom is strength” – Train it.

For many, sports and physical limits are the only challenges and limitations they can explore that gives them a higher sense of possibilities – therefore freedom.

“Freeletics requires me to push through a mental barrier, introducing me to an entire new level of mental and physical strength I never knew I had. This increases my mental wellbeing which gives me the feeling of more freedom.”

Make it your goal to be strong, but not just for the sake of being strong. Use your strength to accomplish other goals in life and give you more energy for the things you love.