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“My married life with Freeletics in India.” – Ravindra’s story

Ravindra Rajha blog

I’m Ravindra from Kerala, India. I work in IT, which means that I have to stick to my chair most of the day. I was pretty demotivated after my unsatisfactory experience with gyms – that was until I saw Levent Oz’s transformation video with Freeletics.

I started using the app, but it was very difficult for me – I got married and then couldn’t keep it up. A few months later, however, I started Freeletics again, this time with the Coach. I weighed 84kg at the time. The first few weeks were tough, but the support from the Freeletics community was awesome and kept me going when I wanted to quit. One of the most difficult things was to overcome the real fear of going outside and doing the workouts, but when my roommate started doing it too, it motivated me further and we pulled through it together.

Freeletics helped me to find the best version of myself. I now feel more energetic and weigh 75kg. I feel really proud of my journey and to be a part of this special community. I even got my wife to start now too. The best part is that Freeletics also helped me in other areas of my life, such as staying motivated, being focused and being more energetic. I can’t describe how great it feels.

Freeletics is part of my life. You can do it – just be patient, stay focused and be the change in your life!