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“How I lost 15kg by changing my eating habits.” – Philippe’s story

Philippe Trilles blog

I bumped into Freeletics during a difficult period of my life. At the beginning, I was skeptical about the results of the transformation videos I had seen. But then I slowly got caught up in the game myself. I even changed my food habits – no more cold cuts, I started having real, hearty breakfasts, nice lunches low in fat and light dinners without carbs.

I am 1.84m tall and weighed 92kg when I got the Coach. After those first 15 weeks I now weigh 76.5kg. I lost 15.5kg in 102 days of Freeletics and I once again have the energy levels I used to have back in my twenties. I feel better both in my body and in my head. Freeletics makes me forget about my worries as I only focus on myself and my goals. Nothing else.