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“Levent was my inspiration.” – Fred’s story

Fred RHN blog

I downloaded Freeletics after watching Levent’s transformation video, which made me feel like changing.

I had not exercised for over five years and weighed 110kg at the time, so I was totally out of shape. I started with the workout Metis, as I thought it would be easy. That was a big mistake. After 20 burpees I couldn’t keep going anymore. So I kept going at my own pace for a couple of weeks before buying the Coach.

I thought I would not manage to get through my first Hell Week, but my mind was stronger than I thought. Despite all the struggle, I made it through the first 15 weeks. It made me stronger, both physically and mentally. Today I am in week 49 of the Freeletics Coach, I lost a total of 20kg and I gained muscle mass. I am healthy again and I have a positive spirit. Freeletics became a positive drug for me, and now I have a healthy mind in a healthy body.