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“How I kicked ‘I can’t’ out of my vocabulary” – Dennis’ story

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In 2012 I was diagnosed with psoriasis, a non-contagious, inflammatory skin disease. Unhealthy food, smoking, alcohol and too little sleep encouraged the psoriasis. My unhealthy lifestyle paired with the disease caused me to gain 10kgs in 2012.

Then I decided to start doing sports. But I didn’t want to go to the gym – I wanted to be flexible and do sport at home, or even outside in the fresh air. So I looked for a suitable solution on the the internet and found the videos of Levent and Arne’s transformations with Freeletics. Those videos were my motivation to start with Freeletics in 2013. The first changes were already visible after only five weeks. I also had more strength, more stamina and was faster than ever before.

Freeletics has not only made me physically stronger, it has also enabled me to go through life with much more confidence. Sentences such as “I can’t” don’t exist to me anymore. I just do it, or at least I try and give it my best shot.

After becoming a long-time Freeletics Bodyweight user, the release of Freeletics Gym gave me the perfect addition to the Bodyweight app, allowing me to push my boundaries further than ever before. Even today, after over three and a half  years, I am still doing this great sport!

My advice for anyone starting out on their Freeletics journey:

– EVERYONE can do it! Your willpower is stronger than you think
– Never give up – no matter how hard it is. Afterwards, you will feel incredible
– If you want to change something, you have to start now! Don’t hesitate
– Eat healthy
– Rest enough
– Pay attention to the correct technique and execution
– remember that form always comes before time