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Start now, not tomorrow” – Jürgen’s story


I live in Bavaria and work as a bank clerk. I'm married with two kids.

Freeletics has been part of my life since 2016. I started sports early at the age of six and played soccer for two decades regularly until about 15 years ago, then I focused on building a house, family, and career. Life happened and I stopped.

I had back pain for years and had to take medication. A friend suggested Freeletics, so I started slowly with the workouts. Even after my back pain went away a few weeks later, I continued training. I found that the exercise was good for my body and mental health, and I like the fact that I can do Freeletics without any equipment. 

Taking it up a notch 

I joined the Freeletics Bootcamp to take my training and nutrition one step further. My goal was to get lean and build muscle. I also wanted to do the Muscleup. 

So, I continued to train with the app, did additional individual exercises and tried to stick to the nutrition plan. I trained regularly at home and with other athletes on-site. We always motivated and cheered each other on, and I liked the on-site training sessions the most. 

Hard-earned habits 

Changing habits was the biggest challenge, like skipping after-work beers and explaining to friends why you no longer eat certain foods. Before the bootcamp, I used to eat pizza and spaghetti. 

After the first 2-3 weeks I didn’t think I could pull this off. But it worked, and I'm proud of that. I was also surprised by my body’s positive reaction to the change in diet. 

I'm still trying to stick to the diet plan. I'm not 100% successful, but I'm trying to find a way that fits my life. I continue to train regularly with Freeletics and do the extra exercises I learned from the coaches once a week. I've become more careful with my diet and eat what my body needs rather than craves. 

Do it for yourself and start now 

I feel great, and I'm very happy with myself. For many, my project was incomprehensible. But I wanted to do this for me, not for someone else. And now I’m addicted to this lifestyle. 

For other athletes wanting to create a transformation like mine, I’d say start now, not tomorrow. 

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