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Arts and Freeletics as life changers – Jude’s story

6 Jude Roxas blog

The past 2 years have held the most crucial moments of my life.

I had always been lonely. I have a supportive family and great friends, but this loneliness was a personal struggle, a constant battle between myself and my inner demons and I always dealt with it silently. I grew up believing that society is always right, that a part of me is wrong, so I always had to follow the “norm,” even if it meant sacrificing my happiness. To cope with this, I immersed myself in art, using it as a way to feel the things that I couldn’t have in real life.

I began to realize that I needed to try to get a hold of myself. After a year, exercise helped me to slowly find my confidence. In January 2016, I decided to try Freeletics. When the app asked for my motivation, I immediately thought “I want to truly find myself and make this year my best one yet!” After weeks of dedication and perseverance, I can say that Freeletics is a life-changer. It helped me get my shit together and it made me realize many things about myself. The Freeletics lifestyle and community are part of my life now.

Freeletics made me realize that our lives are a journey of self-exploration and not an instant destination. I realized WE make the decisions about our lives, so always choose yourself, always choose the things that will make you truly happy and everything else will fall into place.

Freeletics made my mental strength so strong, that I am beginning to see my strengths in my weaknesses. The past 15 weeks have been a wonderful journey! I have been doing Freeletics for almost a year now.

Bodyweight helped me to achieve my strength and weight loss goals, which led me to start setting even higher goals. This is when I began adding Freeletics Gym to my training routine.

I did not have strict routines, which led to me letting things slide during my first attempts, but now I’m proud of achieving my goals and after a year, exercise has helped me to find my confidence.