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“The only thing standing between you and your goal, is the bulls#*t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Miriam’s story

Miriam blog

My name is Miriam and I am 27 years old. I have three children between one and seven years old. In June 2016, I began training with Freeletics. At that time I was in a difficult situation. After two turbulent years with two pregnancies and many sleepless nights, I went into a psychological and physical breakdown in the winter of 2016.

I have been dissatisfied with myself for a long time, not only with my figure, but also with my laziness. Every day I ignored all the problems and always found thousands of excuses to just do nothing.

Then I was invited into a Whatsapp sports group by other mothers. I joined, but made it clear from the outset that I did not have any desire or time for sport. However, the group dynamics soon grabbed my attention as a good friend showed me Sonja’s Freeletics video. That was the point when I made a decision: I wanted to train with the Freeletics Coach for 20 weeks. Without excuses this time.

First, I took a before-video of myself and was honestly shocked at how much weight I had gained. This motivated me even more finally to start this journey. So I bought the Coach and started with three workouts a week. In addition, I removed unhealthy snacks (especially on the couch in the evening) from my everyday life and began cooking healthier meals again.

The most difficult thing was to fight against my many excuses. But after a while I won these battles more often and I started to lose weight.

After 20 weeks I lost 10kg. Now I am only 5kg away from my goal.

With Freeletics I was able to feel good about myself again. Now I do sports five to six times a week and I also mostly eat clean. But the most important thing is the mental change. Thanks to Freeletics, I have become more disciplined, learned to stand up after the fall and listen to my body. I am more patient and appreciate the benefits of a healthy life.

Freeletics has not only changed me but affects my whole family. Now I can be a good example for my children and offer them a healthy lifestyle.