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Deep dive into your workout with Immersive Training Flow


Free Athletes, it’s time to elevate your training sessions and streamline your workout. Introducing the Immersive Training Flow crafted to let you get through your workout without interruptions or the need to navigate back and forth between screens. Your Coach session is now a continuous journey of fitness.

Get in the zone with Immersive Training Flow

Imagine entering your workout space, initiating your session, and moving from one exercise to the next in a fluid, undisrupted rhythm. That's the core of Immersive Training Flow. You're locked in, undistracted, allowing you to maintain the intensity and focus required for peak performance.


Customization at your fingertips

It’s your workout, and you should have control every step of the way. You will find the following options at any transition screen:

  • "Postpone" - Not ready for that next workout? Simply skip it, and it will automatically slot into your next workout position, ensuring you don't miss out on the gains. 

  • "Remove" workout - If a particular workout doesn't align with your needs or mood, remove it from the flow. It will be eliminated from the current session, not the entire Coach overview, preserving the integrity of your training plan. 

  • Cooldown choices - The last workout before Cooldown, along with the Cooldown itself, have the remove option, allowing for flexibility while emphasizing the importance of this recovery phase. 

Resume like a Pro

Life happens, and sometimes interruptions are inevitable. With the Immersive Training Flow, if you exit mid-session, resuming is a breeze. Hit the continue button, and you're back to where you left off – the last saved workout, ensuring your progress is never lost.

Ready to experience what flow really means? Get the Freeletics app, dive in, and let your Coach lead you through a truly immersive Coach session. 

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