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Freedom is choice: How to make the right ones

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They say you’re not the product of your circumstances, but rather the product of your decisions.

Since today’s world gives us thousands of choices and opportunities, be it five different kinds of milk in the supermarket or your favorite pair of sneakers in ten different colors, for many people, making decisions can be far from easy. If you’re someone who suffers from indecisiveness and can’t seem to decide for yourself or always ends up making the wrong decision, it’s time to make use of your freedom by doing following:

Stay true to yourself

When it comes to making a decision, it all starts with yourself. You have to know your values, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals etc. Once you’ve clarified the before mentioned points, you can start building upon them. Your decisions in life need to correspond with your values, your interests and so on. If your decision does not, you’ll face the feeling of dissatisfaction sooner or later. It’s easily said, but more difficult to do: stay true to yourself.

Don’t be afraid of making the “wrong decision”

Life is a constant journey of lessons. Don’t be afraid of the fact that a “wrong” decision might stop you from achieving something. Try to look at your decisions from different angles. There is actually no wrong decision. If you’ve decided to make that decision, it was the right one at that very moment. It might turn out that the (wrong) decision have brought you to your next decision which will get you one step closer to your goal. There’s always something positive to every decision in life. You might ask yourself “how do I know?”. Trust us, you’ll know when you look back on your life and all the decisions you made. So, don’t be afraid: in every (bad) decision lies a lesson to be learned from in the future.

Avoid overthinking

Getting caught up in thoughts and spending time weighing out all options in detail, won’t necessarily bring you to a better decision. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t think about decisions and choices, but spending too much time going back and forth won’t get you anywhere, but instead lose you time. You need to find a balance within the process of making a decision. It’s always helpful to give yourself a deadline where you come to a decision. Sometimes it’s best to just go for it.

We know that freedom of choice is not always a good thing, especially when you know that there are always consequences that come with every decision you make. But remember: you should know who you are. You should know what you want in life. Make the choices according to your values and goals. Don’t get caught up. Move on with your decisions. There is no wrong decision. You are always one decision away from a better life, so don’t be afraid to take a chance and make a choice that scared you.

If the result is something that gives you #morelife, it’s worth the risk