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4 Things you need to do today, to be more productive tomorrow


Ask most people, "Would you like to be more productive?" and you're most likely going to get a resounding yes.

How often have you sat down at your desk to start an essay or report and after 10 minutes you’re already procrastinating? Come the end of the day, you’ve barely got anything to show for your time and you just call it a day, thinking you’ll try again tomorrow?

Rather than just expecting yourself to be “in the zone” when you need to be, prepare yourself the day before you need to tackle an important project by following these 4 simple hacks.

1. Balance out your sleep

When you’re sleeping, not only are you recovering from your busy day, but you’re also storing new memories and information into long-term knowledge. On top of that, by sleeping adequately, you’re restoring your energy levels which you'll thank yourself for the next day.

2. Prioritize and rationalize

A big portion of hacking your productivity comes down to being organized and efficient with your time. One way to ensure this is to identify your three biggest rocks for the next day and to be realistic about what you can achieve.

To figure out what you should do, simply ask yourself “If I don’t get anything else done tomorrow, what are the three biggest and most effective tasks that could move me closer to my goals?”

Taking your time to prioritize beforehand will help you figure out which tasks deserve your time and which ones are just wasting it.

3. Stay hydrated

Challenging Freeletics workouts such as the Aura, Dione, and Artemis push you physically and lead to more energy. Little habits such as hydration are just as important.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition, being dehydrated by as little as one percent can lead to a decrease in cognitive abilities which then affects your productivity.

Focus on drinking a glass or two of water every hour to ensure hydration and optimal productivity.

4. Plan your working time blocks

As humans, we naturally procrastinate unless there is deadlines or stakes attached to the situation. To improve your productivity, plan your work in 25-minute blocks and try the Pomodoro technique. After 25-minutes, you’ll take a five minute break to stand up, stretch, and drink a glass of water before starting another 25 minute work block.

Let's recap:

Productivity requires planning and preparation. Start today, succeed tomorrow.