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6 of the healthiest countries in the world: How do they do it?


It’s common knowledge that some countries are better known for their health and long life expectancy than others. But for what reasons? What do they do differently?

Discover the top 6 healthy countries in the world. Learn how they do it so you can too. And discover their training groups so you can travel, train and experience their healthy lifestyle.



Average life expectancy: Around 81 years old

How they do it: Italian culture is all about feeding the body and mind. They are passionate about life. Although they are active and always on the go, Italians live life simply and leisurely. Making the most of every moment.

Nutrition: Italians are all about “Eating slowly”. Instead of fast food, they preserve traditional cuisine and local farming. They take their time. Enjoying every bite of their Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil and fresh fish.

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Average life expectancy: Around 82 years old

What’s behind it: The home ground of the Olympics. Being active is in their ancient culture. On the peaceful Island of Ikaria, it’s not uncommon to live to see 100. They ensure they have enough sleep with a daily, afternoon nap. And spend much time walking in the mountains.

Nutrition: Similar to the Italians, the Greeks also go by the Mediterranean diet. They benefit from a sea-food rich, nutrient-dense diet. Eating much less sugar and processed food than other countries. Greek is well-known for it’s goats cheese and herbs, such as sage and mint, used in traditional Greek remedies.

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Average life expectancy: 83 years old

How they do it: Their siesta lowers stress levels and ensure they rest enough.

Nutrition: With its famous cuisine being tapas, small portions of different varieties, the Spanish are used to portion control. Again, much of their health comes down to their Mediterranean diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts.

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Average life expectancy: 81.5 years

What’s their trick? Natural hot springs minimize toxic stress. And on top of all that Iceland is one of the least polluted countries in the world. With clean air, and water you can drink from a stream. They live an eco-friendly lifestyle with low stress and a landscape that makes you want to stay outdoors all day. Exercise is a lifestyle, and they enjoy sports all year round.

Nutrition: A simple diet: lean lamb, fresh seafood, grass fed beef. In Iceland, food doesn’t come from industrial farms. Instead, organic family-run farms.

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Average life expectancy: 82 years

The life of the Swedish: Sport is considered a national pastime in Sweden and the government promote a positive work/life balance. No wonder it’s one of the healthiest countries in the world.

Nutrition: With simple foods and a cuisine consisting mostly of fish and root vegetables, the Scandinavian diet is among the healthiest in the world. Rather than frying, the chosen methods of cooking in Sweden are much healthier: poaching, fermenting, smoking and drying.

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Average life expectancy: 80.3 years

What do they do differently? If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, you’ll know Australians are into sports. Like the Swedish, it’s a part of their culture. Swimming, rugby, mountain biking:  Australia accommodates all kinds of sports. And with some of the best beaches in the world for it, surfing is hugely popular.

Nutrition: The hunter, gatherer diet, known as the “bush tucker” is also a reason for their high life expectancy. This consists of all food native to Australia: Kangaroo, crocodile, fresh fish and plant foods such as quandong and riberry. Australians therefore enjoy fresh, seasonal foods all year long.

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Just because you don’t live in the country, doesn’t mean you can’t follow their lifestyle. Learn from others. Boost your health. Enjoy life even more.