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Truth #4: Greatness seems impossible but you can do it

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Greatness might seem unachievable. You’ll see traces of it it in a world-class athlete. It comes in the form of your favorite actor. The world’s most successful business owner. But you never see it in yourself. Why? Because it scares you. If greatness is something you possess, just like your role models, then you have no more excuses. If all these people have achieved it, what’s stopping you?

The answer is nothing. Greatness is within you. It’s there. Trust us. Deep down inside of you. It’s what you dream of. It’s who you envision. It’s where you really see yourself in 5 years, but you’re too scared to say it out loud.

It’s not easy. But never mistake “not easy” for impossible. Where we come from, “impossible” simply means you don’t want it bad enough. Impossible is not a fact. It’s not a declaration. And it’s sure as hell not a reason for you not to try. Impossible is a dare. It’s potential. It’s a challenge. Most importantly, it’s an achievement.

And we know that you can achieve it. If you’re reading this, it means you’re considering changing your life. It means you want it. And if you want something bad enough, you will do it. No matter how hard it seems.

99% will give up along the way. But not you. You will be amongst the 1% who achieve the impossible. You are going to look back on your life one day and know that you did everything you possibly could to make the most out of it. You will have no regrets. Just satisfaction. And the greatest satisfaction in life is doing what others always believed you could not do.

Trust in your greatness. Believe that it’s there. Know that achieving it is worth every second spent working for it. You really do only have one shot at life. Do not waste it. Not even a single second. We have all been given the greatest gift. And your opportunity to make use of it is now staring you in the eyes. This is your chance. Take it.