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We have our first final 16 qualifier as #TeamDenmark secure their second victory.


Results-day 8.001

Day 8 saw #TeamDenmark beat #TeamAustralia and secure their place in the final 16. The Australians came into this match quite confident following their win over the French. Captains Jiji and Mylene put up some big personal numbers but the Danes were out in force for this match and the community spirit really took over and secured them the victory.

#TeamFrance needed the win following their defeat at the the hands of the Aussies in the first match but once again the fact that the French community is mostly out supporting other teams meant that they also lost this match against #TeamPeru. Peru captain Quentin managed to put up some big personal numbers and also galvanize his community to once again follow their Ambassador into battle.

High scoring #TeamArgentina came into this with their captain, Benoit, showing what it really means to perform on the world stage. He once again led the line and pushed his team forward with many Free Athletes following his example and hitting double figures for #TeamArgentina. #TeamCroatia now know that they need to secure a victory in their last game against their new opponents to have a chance of progressing.


Today we have 3 matches and now only Metis workouts count as goals. It’s between you and the Gods to see how many goals you can score for your team.

MatchDay - 22.06


23.06 - Tomorrow.001

#TeamGermany come into this game following a huge victory in their first match. They are confident that they can win against #TeamSweden who lost their first match and will hope that they can get a wind in this match to avoid elimination.

In another match #TeamKorea take on #TeamMexico. The Koreans are in a bouyant mood following their surprising win against the Swedish team but #TeamMexico will go for redemption and hope they can get more support following the humiliating defeat to the Germans in match 1.

We also see #TeamBelgium take on #TeamTunisia as we see the Belgians trying to secure their place in the next round and #TeamTunisia trying avoid being kicked out with one match to go. Their confidence is low following their big loss to #TeamEngland but only time will tell if they can muster a response in this match.

All teams are captained by hard working Free Athletes, but they alone won’t be enough to take the win. They need their supporters to turn out on and train. Remember to tag your completed workout with the team’s hashtag before posting it to the Freeletics Bodyweight App feed. For tips and tricks to help your team get the edge over their competition or if you’re still undecided on who to support check out our previous Freeletics World Cup article.


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25.06 - Upcoming.001

How do I take part and who can I support?

For the full Schedule, any questions on how to join the Freeletics World Cup and a list of who you can support, check out our first article here and follow us on Instagram!

Win prizes

Oh, and by the way, taking part doesn’t just mean you workout and score for your team. By hashtagging your workouts, you will automatically be entered into the daily prize draw with giveaways continuing throughout the entire tournament. You can see the terms and conditions here.

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As always with Freeletics there are #NoExcuses - if your team is out, it doesn’t mean you’re out. We challenge you to find another team you want to support and continue training using their hashtag.