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Fall in love with our new God workout: Eros


Wrapping up Pride month with a bang, we're celebrating our community by unleashing a brand new signature God workout:

Say hello to Eros, the Greek God of love

Greek mythology often depicts Eros as a winged god who wields arrows capable of inspiring love or aversion. His main mission? Spreading love and passion through gods and humans alike.

But in introducing Eros, we're celebrating more than just romance –  we're honoring every kind of love: love for sweating it out, love for others, love for a challenge, and most importantly, love for yourself.

Because love is love and sweat is sweat. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, all Free Athletes are united by the drive to strengthen our bodies and minds and build confidence together.

Built upon the legacy of our Aphrodite and Hermes God workouts, this intermediate-level routine is designed to make your heart race and your muscles burn. Get ready for a bodyweight challenge featuring High Knees, Situps, Pushups, Squats, and Freeletics' most iconic move—Burpees.

Suitable for all levels of Free Athletes, Eros is your ultimate path to self-love through movement, ramping up those post-workout endorphins. Ready to fall head over heels for a God workout you can come back to again and again for a well-rounded, sweaty workout? Then roll out your mat and try Eros today.

Fall in love with Eros
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