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“Freeletics saved my life.” – Chris’ story

Chris Polys blog

I am immensely grateful for the work that the Freeletics team has put into creating this product and healthy and positive lifestyle. I love the interactive and engaging platforms which encourage community participation towards accomplishing goals. I appreciated that it all felt so human, so visceral, because that was the quality that inspired me to change. Freeletics saved my life.

Before Freeletics, I was lethargic and depressed. My life felt burdensome and I was addicted to self-medication and self-destruction. I was smoking and drinking to inflict damage upon myself because I felt like I had no value. I was hoping with each inhalation that I was bringing myself one step closer to the grave. There is nothing worse than hiding behind a forced smile.

Growing up in Colorado, I was always active. I played soccer from the age of five. I was always a goalkeeper, probably because I was overweight, but I grew to love it. Afterwards, I always felt like I was average because I never pursued athletic endeavors. I was stuck in a self-enforced mental prison that manifested itself in self-destructive tendencies. I was neglecting my studies. I would try to pick myself up now and again but I would never sustain the effort that would allow myself to progress.

I was not able to push past this until I acknowledged how far I had fallen. I was nowhere near the man that I wanted to be. So I started just walking and it made me feel better. I stumbled upon videos discussing and reviewing the Freeletics Bodyweight app. I investigated the app and online communities and was blown away. I signed up and was hooked even though the first workouts had me questioning my own sanity. I just stuck with it because no matter how hard it was, the gifts that I was given in return where immeasurable. I felt worthy of love, I had renewed self-confidence, energy, and strength. I was positive and happy again, smiling for all the right reasons.

This is not an overnight thing; this is eight months in the making. I persisted because I knew if I kept going, I would be successful. Are there still times where I am not consistent? Yes. Are there days where I have to convince myself to get out there? Yes. Are there days where I want to give up? All the time.

I still suffer from some depressive tendencies. I am still insecure about my flaws. But now I am so proud of all that I have accomplished. It’s a pride that nobody can take away from me. My advice to others is simple. You just have to keep telling yourself that there is a reason behind the struggle and that when you come out the other side, you are going to be a better version of yourself. One day, you will be phenomenal, you will attract nothing but greatness and you will create a reality for yourself better than what you could have ever possibly imagined.

I want people to know that it is never too late to take your first steps towards a happier, healthier you. I want to change just one person’s life for the better like this program has changed mine. It is never easy, you are going to get knocked down so hard you are going to feel like you might not get up, but know that you are powerful, that you too can be a source of strength for those around you if you just take that first step.

Thank you, Freeletics, for changing my life.