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Success is best when shared


Fitness motivation ebbs and flows, and sometimes you need a little extra something (or someone) to help reignite it. The key? Shared experiences. We’ve already explored the powerful impact of group workouts on motivation and success. Now we’re adding another tool to help set you up for success with the Freeletics Referral Program. 

This program not only encourages you to bring friends on board to sweat it out together, but also offers amazing rewards for both of you. Boost your motivation, enjoy special perks, and watch as you and your friends crush those goals together. Now that’s a win-win. 

To invite other Free Athletes

Amped up and ready to bring your buddies to the training ground? Here’s how it works.

Open the Freeletics app, go to your profile tab, and click on the “Get Rewards” icon at the top of your screen. 

Use your personal referral link to invite your future workout buddy (friend, family or coworker). You decide how to send the link, e.g., via WhatsApp, Email, text message, or social media.


Once your invite is sent, the person you invited just needs to click the link to purchase their Coach subscription on our website.

Your invite link contains a 12-month Freeletics Coach subscription where the first 6 months are free. Referred users pay to unlock 6 months of free access followed by 6 months of paid access. The subscription renews automatically every 6 months after the initial 12 months are over. 

Keep tabs on your rewards via referral status. Each referred user will get you one reward credit. Reward credits will be available 14 days after your friend subscribed to Freeletics. 

To claim one of your referral rewards, you must accumulate a certain amount of reward credits. For an overview of the Referral Program rewards, check out the table below:

Number of reward credits 

Your current subscription 


Training Coach 

Training & Nutrition Bundle 

No active subscription 

Lifetime Access to Freeletics Coach 

Lifetime Access to Freeletics Coach 

Lifetime Access to Freeletics Coach 

12-month access to the Freeletics Nutrition app 

Access to the “Strong, Lean & Healthy” Course 

Access to the “Strong, Lean & Healthy” Course 

€30 discount at the Freeletics Shop 

€30 discount at the Freeletics Shop 

€30 discount at the Freeletics Shop 

Remember, those who sweat together, crush it together. Round up your buddies, invite them, and get after it – let’s go! 

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