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Motivating yourself when you are not in the mood to work out is the key to success. Discover Freeletics on YouTube and get inspired by motivational videos and the success stories of other Free Athletes. What will you find on the Freeletics YouTube Channel?

Freeletics Motivation

We all know that feeling during a Freeletics session. That moment when it seems to be impossible to finish all repetitions.The moment when you start doubting yourself and are on the edge to quit. We remember the first Aphrodite and the feeling we had during the training session. Every workout has its story. A story we all experience one day. Watch our workout stories on YouTube and see how other Athletes deal with them. We are all in this together.
Find the Freeletics workout stories on YouTube.

Freeletics Success Stories

Freeletics is a sport. You are the people who write history. We want to show what other Free Athletes have achieved with Freeletics and we feature their video in a special playlist on our channel. Real people, real stories, real emotions.

Discover how other Free Athletes write their success story. Get the inspiration and motivation you need to start your own Freeletics journey or to get your next workout done. Start today. Sometimes later becomes never.

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Instructor videos

Proper form is key to an effective training. Learn how to execute your exercises perfectly: The tutorials you know from our mobile and web app will show you how exercises are defined at Freeletics and what the perfect range of motion is. See, for example, how to do Burpees with proper form.

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