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“Freeletics was the motivation I found to start making a change.” – Juan’s story

Neu Juan Fernando blog

I started my Freeletics journey in February 2016, while I was facing a really unfortunate phase in my life, full of stress and problems. I really needed a change in my daily life, something that would relieve my constant stress. Freeletics was the answer and the motivation I found to start making a change and give it my all.

The first weeks were hard as hell, but I kept motivating myself mentally. My body was indeed my only real obstacle. However, as the weeks passed, it got harder and harder to keep training. I started giving in to trivial excuses like the weather and lack of time. But in the end, the thought of that post-workout feeling helped me to push through independently of my mental games.

This whole experience has helped me incredibly – beyond any physical change. Mentally, I learned to appreciate myself more, to be more confident and, even more importantly, to know that If I really want something, I can achieve it.

I am grateful to Freeletics and I hope my story inspires someone as I was inspired by many other Athletes’ stories.