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The community bond gets even stronger

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The bond between the Freeletics Community is like no other. It’s a strong one. Your fellow Athletes become more than just people to train with. They become a support system. Your friends. Your family. When you struggle, they push you to succeed. And when you succeed, you succeed together. So get ready, because the new Freeletics Update is about to make this community bond even stronger.

What’s new?

Connect Via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

If you want to connect easier with other athletes to find training buddies, you can add your social account to your profile. Then your friends and other athletes can find and contact you via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all through the Freeletics App. Find out their hobbies. Their interests and what they do aside from Freeletics. There’s a person behind every Athlete. It’s time to get to know them.

Freeletics connect update

Coach Details

Want to know how other Free Athletes got to where they are? It’s not all about times and PBs. Check out the new profile level screen to see other athletes’ focus, skills and how many weeks they’ve gone through.

Freeletics connect update

Click on the Athletes’ level in their user profile and this will take you to their profile level screen where you can see their skills, focus and if added, social accounts.

Add your social account to your profile. Get connected with the Community. Because when your willpower’s running low, when you feel like one more repetition just isn’t possible, they are the ones who will push you to continue.