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Fitness for four seasons

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The start of summer brings with it a host of new training opportunities. Long evenings, warm temperatures and sunnier days help make training outside and training together all the more appealing, adding a whole new dimension to fitness training.

With this in mind, this summer, Freeletics has released an all-new Training Journey, developed specifically for women. Legs, Curves & Core is designed to strengthen, sculpt and shape the lower body, core and glutes, while helping you to build long term, functional strength and power.

Before releasing it to the world, some of the women at Freeletics tried out part of the Journey for themselves and gave their thoughts on what summer training means to them and why fitness should be for all seasons.

Fitness is for four seasons, not one, and this thinking runs throughout the Legs, Curves & Core Training Journey. Holistic, year-round fitness is a far more beneficial goal than simply being “bikini ready” as People Operations Manager Pati, explains:

“For me, having a nice summer body is a short term motivation for training, but it isn’t my ultimate goal - I would rather improve my overall fitness and health. By pushing myself to new limits each time I train, I learn about myself and how strong I can be and this is much more valuable that just having a ‘summer body.’”
“Climbers are one of my favourite exercises from Legs, Curves & Core as they train the core, legs and lower back all together. After a day spent sat at a desk, I find these a great exercise for releasing the hips keeping the lower body active.”

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Training outside in the summer can have considerable benefits, but there’s a few things to bear in mind. We asked Senior Strategic Marketing Manager Annette, for her top tips for training outside:

“In the summer, I usually train in the morning when it isn’t that hot. Even then, I take a lot more water with me than I usually would and try to stay in the shade. Training in the sun provides you with more vitamin D, so more energy, which helps me to perform well, even when in the heat.”

Summer is not only a time for new fitness goals and training outside, but also for new training styles. Sunnier days open up a wealth of group training possibilities which have their own mental and physical benefits, as Senior Global PR Manager Ellie, discovered:

“To me, training as a group means being part of something bigger than myself alongside people with the same values and goals. It also means being accountable to someone other than myself, having fun and meeting new people. When I’m indecisive and not sure whether I’ll work out or not, a group training will usually be the motivation I desperately need. It feels a lot less like a chore if you train with friends.

At a session during the Freeletics World Cup in 2018, some of my training buddies decided to do two or even three Aphrodites. Normally I wouldn’t even do one voluntarily, but that night I did two and even made a pretty good time with a sub 50 mins. This never would have been possible without the team!”

With the season of outdoor workouts and group trainings just around the corner, there really is #NoExcuses. Try the Legs, Curves & Core Training Journey for yourself and level up your summer fitness training.