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“My goal: Finish in the top 10 at my next race.” – Raúl’s story

Raul-Munoz before & after

My name is Raúl. I’m 36 years old, married and father of a little girl. I was born in Zapopan Jalisco and since my adolescence I’ve been living in Mexico DF.

I have always believed that we are here for a large or small purpose. Five years ago, I began to register for obstacle competitions and I really liked the experience. At that time I weighed 86kgs. And in my first competition 2014, I finished in 769th place.

I was not satisfied with that result, much less with the condition I was in at that time. So I started to exercise by going to the gym and managed to reduce my weight down to 80kg. I finished my second competition in 500th place. But I wanted to be better.

I continued searching for routines and video-tutorials, fitness alternatives, etc. Then I found Freeletics. At first I did not start training with it, but after finishing the next race in 2015 in Oaxaca in 300th place I thought: ‘If I sign up and do the workouts as the Coach says, I’m sure I can achieve more.’

With that determination in mind and weighing 73kg. I went to the Spartan Valle de Bravo, which was in November 2016. I finished it in 9th place!

I had never felt such big changes and had never been so strong. I had never felt better! Now for my next competition, I will definitely aim for results even closer to first place. I am a #freeathlete, and so I will not quit until I reach my goal.