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“I finally feel like I’m really living again.” – Christoph’s story

Christoph Eder blog

In 2014 I saw some Freeletics transformation videos for the first time. Back then I was very skeptical. But today, I know that it is possible to achieve such impressive results.

I had been suffering from depression and exhaustion for years. So I distracted myself with long, boozy nights. Anyone who has suffered from this illness knows how hopeless it can feel to drum up some courage and to look to the future with confidence. When the new year came around, my best friend and I downloaded the Freeletics app and signed up. Never again did I want to feel so tired and exhausted as I had been before.

The joy of feeling more vitality return to me every single day has kept me going when I wanted to give up. For me, Freeletics was the opportunity to learn (or remember) how to achieve a goal, or to finish something that I have begun. I now often find myself doing things I would have put off in the past with a previously unimaginable level of enthusiasm and motivation.