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Why I finally committed to fitness


Finding the motivation to commit to a fitness routine can be tough – we get it. Working out is hard and sometimes the mere idea of getting off the couch and onto the training mat can feel monumental, especially when life throws a curveball (or two). On to the good news: there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

We asked our very own Freeletics Ambassadors what initially motivated them and what keeps them committed. It turns out, taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle is often easier than you think. Find out their reasons for hitting the training ground regularly. We bet you’ll relate to one or two.

“I was at a point in life where my endurance and strength were at their lowest. I knew it was time to change and decided to get in even better shape than before. I’ve remained committed to working out because it's become like therapy for me. I love what I'm becoming as I continue to work towards my goal.”
- Manu

“What motivated me to commit to training was that I wanted to finally be a role model for myself – to prove to myself that I could finally manage to be strong and confident. Through sport, I found a way to escape the cycle of negative thoughts. Exercising consistently has made me more optimistic.”
- Annemarie

“I am getting older, and I want to be in shape for my kids as long as possible. So, staying healthy isn’t just about me anymore. I also have a demanding job that requires a lot of sitting. Training keeps me sane and gives my body the exercise it needs.”
- Michael

“There came a point that, when I looked in the mirror, I no longer felt good about myself and wanted to change that. Once I started exercising, I felt better and gained new self-confidence. Now I'm fit and I look into the mirror with pride.”
- Marcus

“I was a busy single mom and head of a department at the same time. My brain was exploding with endless daily to-do lists. I needed a way to switch off my brain and focus on me. Freeletics has been a great option for me to stick to exercise and avoid losing another hour commuting to a gym. It’s been a life-saving solution.”
- Nataliya

“When I saw the health of both my father-in-law and my own mother declining, I decided I needed to make a change. I realized that I want to be completely independent and healthy in my old age, and in order to do that, I need to have healthy habits now.”
- Miguel

“I felt uncomfortable in my body, and there came a point where I was just sick of it! A commitment to exercise, healthy eating, and a healthy mindset were the solutions for me – and they quickly became a part of my daily routine.”
- Valerie

“In 2013, I told myself, ‘Enough is enough.’ I was overweight, out of shape, and had an unhealthy daily routine and diet. I knew I had to make a change. I found Freeletics, and 10 years later, I’m stronger than ever. What keeps me committed after all these years is that every day is a chance to thrive, get better, become stronger, and beat the older version of myself.”
- Angelo

“I decided to start training after a season as a ski instructor (unfortunately, with a lot of fatty foods and alcohol). I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘You were fitter before the season!’. I just wanted to establish a healthy lifestyle, and in the end, I succeeded.”
- Christian

“After I tore a ligament in my knee, I needed to change from my normal handball training. With Freeletics, I get a personalized training program where I can exclude exercises and build up my muscles according to my wishes. I was also able to strengthen myself mentally with the Mindset Coaching.”
- Ela

“Whenever I feel unmotivated for whatever reason that's not really justified, something that I tell myself that quickly gets me back on my feet is: ‘If your future self were looking back at you right now, what would he be thinking? Would he approve of your lack of commitment? How could your attitude affect him if you continue to indulge in taking the easy route? Is this what your ideal self would do?’”
- Beto

“I’ve been active my whole life, and my main motivation is to stay healthy and fit as long as possible. I like having a challenging workout plan and training, for me, is a way to release the stress that comes from work and being a mother. Even when the weather is bad, I always feel better after my training.”
- Mel

“What motivates me is simple: I don’t want to be weak. I look forward to making today's difficult exercises my warm-up tomorrow.”
- Dorian

“My passion for junk food is the driving force that motivates me to persevere in my Freeletics workouts. I want to continue enjoying the food I love, but now in a more mindful way, using exercises to maintain balance and efficiently burn calories.”
- Giuseppe

Let’s recap:

It’s normal for motivation to ebb and flow – that’s part of the game. But it’s also possible to learn how to stay committed to your training long-term when you hit a motivational low. Let our Ambassadors inspire you, reignite your fire, and help guide you to find or rediscover your why. When you hone in on why you started, your goals become that much more attainable.

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