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“Freeletics delivers what it promises.” – Fabio’s story

Fabio Pedreira blog

I’ve always been a sports enthusiast and went to the gym from the age of 18 to 23. But with the gym came some shoulder, knee and back problems. Over time I had to stop because of the pain, but it didn’t disappear when I stopped training. To the contrary, with the passing of the years my pain increased and winter was always the bringer of constant pain.

After 15 years of being sedentary and married with two children, I decided that I had to do something, so I started to do the same exercises that I had done as a teen. I found a lot of cool stuff, but a friend told me about Freeletics and after a little research, I came across Levent and that changed my story. After watching his video, I did not think twice about downloading the app, but I was skeptical about the results, and my doubts increased even more as I watched the story of other Free Athletes. “It must be steroids to get such fast results,” I thought. I had no idea what was in store for me.

My first workout was Metis and I felt like I was dying. I completed it in almost 9 minutes, and today I managed to lower my time to less than half of that. Remember, everything that is bad can be improved!

I’m 40 years old now, so the vitality is no longer the same for me, but it’s important to say that what I’ve achieved in almost two years I would not have gotten anywhere else without Freeletics. My pain is already more and more distant. I have now unlocked all the advanced skills in the Freeletics Bodyeight app and I have integrated Running into my training routine too, so I can focus a lot on strength workouts and sprints as well.

Today, I can say that Freeletics delivers what it promises, the method is infallible and it offers you the body of your life. It’s like I used to say: “training with Freeletics allows you to exchange your body for a better one”. I’m still halfway to my goal, but looking back, I see an incredible victory that keeps me motivated to move on. In addition, dealing with Coach’s challenges help me clear my mind to face daily problems.

Another important factor is the community. Being able to interact with other Athletes – encouraging and being encouraged – is fantastic. There is always someone from somewhere in the world giving me encouragement and here in Brazil we have a very strong unit, we are always training together. Groups offer great opportunities to share experiences and motivate each other, the new Athletes are encouraged to stand firm, and the more advanced ones are also given an extra dose of motivation. The most important thing is that regardless of the level we are at, we are all fighting for the same goals and it is this fellowship that makes so many join to Freeletics.

My advice is: if you are still thinking of starting, act now, for your own good. Your body needs it, but you have to really want it. So before it’s too late, take initiative and mastery of what is yours. If you don’t do it, no one else will!