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“I haven't yet unleashed my full potential” - Emilio’s Story


“My whole life, I’ve been an active person in sports, primarily in soccer. I also participated from a very young age in gymnastics, swimming, badminton, basketball, etc., but well, as life goes on, you don’t always have the time to continue with all those activities.

First, it was work, and then I got married, and between all that came my first and only son. For a while, I took him to the gym in his baby carrier or put him on my back or chest, but some exercises were too risky.

I became aware of Freeletics after receiving a workout routine via email back in January 2014, and I loved it. It helped me to be able to train and take care of my son at home. I felt more active, agile, and faster than when I went to the gym.

Throughout these 10 years, I have been evolving along with the Freeletics app and the Coach. I’ve gotten sick and even experienced injuries where I had to wear a cast for a sprained ankle. I’ve had to stop training multiple times, understanding that health is not linear.

There have been times I've felt great (complete with a six-pack) and others where I’ve had to work on the emotional and spiritual part. All this has led me to understand that I must work toward everything together.

In order to be in balance, I have to work my mind, body, and spirit. Plus, a good diet is as important as exercise to stay healthy. I have to admit that I don't eat 100% healthy, because I’ve found it unsustainable, but exercising allows me to enjoy a pizza, hamburger, or dessert without feeling guilty.

Something I love about the app is that it always pushes you to give more. I can do what I couldn't before, like One-Handed Pushups, Strict Pullups, and Strict Handstand Pushups, but I’m still working on the Muscleups and different Pullup variations.

I have not yet unleashed my full potential, but I’ve also not given up trying to achieve it. I still wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. to meet my goals. And although I am not motivated on some days, that doesn’t stop me. My discipline pushes me, and, of course, a good coffee helps. My son is now 10 years old and will even join me at the park, at home, or wherever we train, enjoying and suffering through every Burpee.

My advice to anyone trying to lose weight, improve their health, or gain muscle is just to start. You have nothing to lose except maybe a few pounds and everything to gain. The only real requirements to achieving your goal are patience and consistency.”

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