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Doesn’t running risk damaging the joints?

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As paradoxical as it might sound, even joints need to be trained in order to get better. The decisive factor in joint condition refers to the state of surrounding muscles. It’s not unusual for joint pain and tension to be attributable to atrophied muscles and this pain can only be combatted effectively by regular training.

Nevertheless, even the joints themselves can be strengthened through regular training. That is the only way in which they can learn to produce more synovial fluid and improve blood flow. If you’ve never experienced any kind of joint pain, there’s no need to worry about damage as a result of running training.

If you’ve never done any running (or haven’t done so recently) and aren’t especially active on a daily basis, you should still take things easy to start with. In concrete terms, this means that you should start with short runs, applying a low workload, and gradually increase performance. Consciously pay attention to your movements and how you feel when running. The more natural the movement feels, the more you are likely to benefit.