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Dare To Be Free

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Let’s make one thing clear: the Free in Freeletics stands for Freedom. Freedom is what makes us different from the rest. Freedom takes time. It’s something you get back based on what you put in. It requires courage, dedication, persistence and resilience, and that’s where we come in. Your journey with Freeletics doesn’t have an end date. You start now, you stop never.

As Free Athletes, we are Free.

We don’t fit in or stand out. We aren’t defined by our title, corner office, limited edition or Instagram account. Our hard work is not for the medal or the award, nor does it depend on our age or income. Everything we do, we do for the feeling. The feeling you experience only when you defy time, brave darkness, ride the storm and make a way from no way. This feeling is what sets us apart. This feeling is what sets us free.

We might not know you, but we know what it’s like to be you. Your life is running away without you; you’re stuck in a job you’re not sure you like, you’re financially comfortable and are too afraid to step outside and risk losing this vestige of security. You’re content, but not happy. You tell yourself you’re too busy, too old or too broke to change things. And you’re not the only one. Excuses are easy to come by, change is frightening and unnerving and difficult....and necessary. But you can’t expect to achieve anything without saying “f*** it” and venturing into the unknown every once in a while. Just for one second, forget your fears and imagine what it would be like if you just took action.

Action conquers all. Action leads to freedom. Barriers and obstacles don’t just disappear. You have to move them. Only you can stop the boring routine. The monotonous patterns. Then there’s the excuses. They don’t just need appeasing, they need eradicating. Stop listening to the opinions and expectations of others. Stop using your circumstances as reasons not to instigate change. Change inspires change; make one alteration and it will lead to more. You can do this. We can do this. Together, we take one small step onto the training ground, one big step out of our comfort zone and a stride towards a life where we are in control. Where we Dare to be Free.

Stay with us this month and we’ll introduce you to the faces of Freedom. These are the unique individuals who took on the dare, rose above the excuses, and proved that it pays off.

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