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Freeletics Dictionary: ClapClap – What is it all about?

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FREELETICS is a world of strong communities, hard workouts and hell weeks. In this blog we will educate you from time to time about the terms used by Free Athletes. In this article we talk about ClapClap. ClapClap is everywhere in Freeletics. From the training court, to the website, to social media channels and the app. Wondering what it is? Find your answer here.

What is it all about? Short Facts


  • Is a double tap, the handshake of Free Athlete
  • Is a greeting sign
  • Shows your identity as a Free Athlete
  • Shows appreciation for the hard work of other Free Athletes
  • Links us together as a huge social, respectful community
  • Allows you to cheer on Free Athletes around the world using social media and the app

Anywhere in the world, one sign that unites us

Have you ever been to another city or country and did your Freeletics training session at a local spot? Have you met other Free Athletes there? The ClapClap is our handshake. Our symbol to show each other we are the same. We have the same journey. The same values. The same goals. You can train in any city in the world and feel connected with other Free Athletes.

ClapClap in real life with the people you train with. Use it to show new Free Athletes they are welcome in your group. And definitely do it within the app. If you are not following other athletes yet, find some. Add them on the app. Follow their progress and respect their achievements. If you support others, they will support you.

A sign of respect

The Freeletics community respects everyone who joins. All are welcome. It doesn’t matter if they are physically fit, or getting there. Old or young. Men or women. All are Free Athletes. All deserve honor for their performance.

Free Athletes treat each other with respect, courtesy, and consideration. No put-downs, name calling, trash-talking or insults, whether verbally or nonverbally. We are men and women of good character and sportsmanship. We value the principles of hard work, dedication and fair play.

Support others and be supported

With great power comes great responsibility. Free Athletes help each other up, they don’t put people down. Get involved in the Freeletics community. Help others follow you into an athletic lifestyle. Surround yourself with people who support you in reaching your goals. People who have the same values, goals and dedication that you do. This is what will get you further. And don’t forget to be that support system for someone else. #ClapClap