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“My coach is not an algorithm, he is my friend.” – Harun’s story

975x650 Harun

I have lost 17kg so far thanks to Freeletics. Apart from this, I have achieved my first pullup and increased my quality of life enormously.

Everything actually started with a number: 115. A number I had never seen on that small display above my toes. At a height of 1.90m I weighed 115 kg! I could not and would not accept that. I used to be a very sporty, active person, but somewhere along the way I lost the pleasure of sports.

Freeletics – should I, shouldn’t I?

It was just at this point in time that I first heard about Freeletics. A friend of mine had lost over 20kg and was full of energy. When I asked him how he did that, he just answered with “Freeletics Baby!”. Only after I had seen Levent’s famous transformation video later on did I understand what he meant by that.

My first workout: Aphrodite. I thought I wouldn’t manage it. But my will was stronger after all. 66 minutes later, it was done. The first workout I managed. After that I lay on the floor for about 10 minutes – I wanted to get up, but my legs wouldn’t respond. Now, one year on, I am 17kg lighter, stronger and fitter. Freeletics is no longer a sport, but my lifestyle. My Coach is not a computer-generated algorithm, he is my friend … OK, this might be a bit exaggerated now, but you certainly understand what I mean. I couldn’t imagine my life without Freeletics anymore.

You may not believe it, but my almost 400 workouts were mostly done alone and at home. I can absolutely understand that a group training may be more fun and motivating for many, but it’s not for me. This is the beauty of Freeletics: you decide for yourself where, when and how to train. My workout routine is to roll out of bed and just get started!

Freeletics has changed my life. I say this with the deepest conviction. I am more energetic and now see problems in life not as obstacles, but as challenges instead. The training doesn’t just bring physical improvements, but also helps to increase my quality of life by constantly challenging and developing me. Freeletics is a solid part of my life, which I would not give up so easily!