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#CoachKnows: What do the time predictions next to workouts and exercises mean?

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Did you know…the estimated time predictions you see for each Freeletics workout, is not the same for every athlete?

These are exactly your optimal workout time ranges that have been calculated by your Coach. They are personalised and therefore different from user to user. How are these calculated? Based on your individual athletic information, previous Freeletics training history as well as your training goals, the Coach designs a Coach week with workouts that best suit your optimal workout time range per day.

So what happens if you are faster than your indicated time estimations in God workouts? This means you’re getting faster, and therefore progressing. #ClapClap. You can be sure that the Coach takes significant progression into account and creates workouts that will continuously challenge you more, step by step. But don’t worry if you happen to be slower than your time estimation for God workouts. Overtime you will improve. And remember, time is not the only aspect your Coach takes into consideration. Every performance is recorded and helps make your next Coach week even more personal!

Please note that the above rules apply to God workouts only. For intervals, you shouldn’t aim at improving speed but instead make sure to keep up the pace indicated (slow, moderate, fast, max). Time is not tracked for intervals, but your technique feedback is important to the Coach to understand your capabilities, and adjust training accordingly. And what about single exercises? Do those as slow as you can with as little rest periods as possible. You’ll see that it’s pretty challenging.

What’s most important during your workout: Don’t try to cheat yourself by sacrificing technique for time. Rather the opposite: Make sure technique always comes first!

Given you train with perfect technique, your workout time is one of many levers used by your Coach to optimize your training and make sure you progress and reach your goals faster.