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The Clap Clap rap video that’s motivating millions


The self-made Clap Clap rap video comes from Lapaz, a member of the Freeletics Community. It shows that as a Free Athlete, you have the amazing power to inspire. The chance to help people make the decision to change. To add to that it’s a catchy track with powerful lyrics and an awesome video. No worries if you don’t speak German: the English subtitles make the message of the video pretty clear. This is how Lapaz thought outside the box, took it upon himself, and motivated the community, in his own way. Here is the story behind the Clap Clap rap video.

“Hi my name’s Marc, artist name, Lapaz. I’m 33 years old, live in Berlin and I’m a Free Athlete and creator of the Clap Clap rap video. My biggest motivation to start Freeletics, like millions of others, was seeing Levent’s video on Youtube. It sparked something inside of me and awakened my ambition and determination. From that moment onwards, it has been and always will be my biggest motivation. Now, after completely transforming my life with Freeletics, I decided to take a leaf out of Levent’s book and use my experience to expire others. This is when I decided to make “Freeletics Clap Clap” the rap video.

What inspired me to make the video? I’m a Hip Hop artist and songwriter. Cutting and doing the postproduction of my music videos has always been my passion. But actually it was a very spontaneous idea to make the Clap Clap video. Not at all planned. The lyrics came to me pretty quickly. I guess the fact that I’m a Free Athlete means the words just flowed. I just thought of what motivates me and how Freeletics has changed me as a person. It pretty much went from them there.”


“Once I had thought of the concept, I shot the video in various locations around Berlin, and then cut it. When I think back to it, everything fell into place and almost happened all by itself really. When I first showed the final video to my close circle of friends, they told me straight away that more people needed to see it. That it would really be a huge motivation to others. I took their word for it and that’s when I eventually decided to publish the video.

My goal making the video was simply to show people who had never heard of it before, exactly what Freeletics is. I wanted to inspire them to stop waiting for something to happen. If they want change, they would have to go out there and work for it. So far, it seems to be working. I’ve had people messaging me to say that they wanted to start Freeletics for a while just never got round to doing it. But my video was the final push they really needed. So in my eyes, I have achieved my goal, and so much more. For me, that’s enough. I feel like I’m finally able to give something back into the community. This makes it all worth it.

The main message of the video is pretty straightforward: Achieve your dreams. Stop looking for an excuse. Just get up and do it. Not “soon”. Not “later”. Not “tomorrow”. And I mean every word. My favorite quote from the track is my life motto: “No going back, no giving up.” (In German “Kein Rückzug, kein aufgeben”-“KRKA” for short)

To show you just how much Freeletics has changed my life, you can watch my 15 week transformation below. These 15 weeks were just the beginning of my story with Freeletics. There’s still so much to come.”

“I hope you guys like the video. But most importantly, a GIANT CLAP CLAP to the entire Freeletics team and thanks again for this great sport. Freeletics is a passion, my passion, our passion. Thank you for that!”

Keep motivating. Keep inspiring and keep pushing each other to never give up. Whether it’s a rap video, a comment, or a simple Clap Clap, you are making a difference. To your life, to a friends life, to another Free Athlete on the other side of the world’s life. “No going back, no giving up.” No Excuses. Spread the word. Be someone’s motivation today.

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