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Can I skip the dynamic warmup?


Although frequently underestimated, a proper warmup should always be part of your training session. Not only is an efficient warmup required for clean execution of exercises, it’s also there to prevent injury and protect your body from the strain of a tough training session.

So, no. You should never skip the dynamic warmup assigned by your Freeletis Coach.

What is the dynamic warmup and why is it so important?

The Dynamic Warmup is the most effective way to prepare your body for a Freeletics training session. It consists of two parts – the general and specific warmup – both of which play an important role in your performance and safety:

Part 1, the general warmup, ensures that your body temperature rises gradually as well as triggers your metabolism. During the general warmup, blood circulation to muscles and joints increases, and your energy system gets prepared for the upcoming training session. Here, you’re basically telling your body “get ready to perform”.

Part 2, the specific warmup, prepares not only your body, but also your brain for the upcoming training session. With dedicated, specific warmup exercises, you activate your central nervous system (CNS) and stimulate target musculature. Here, you are introducing your body to your brain and ensuring it can translate commands into actions.

What happens if I skip the dynamic warmup?

Intense, explosive movements like the ones you come across in Freeletics training can put a lot of stress on your joints and muscles. Therefore, failing to warm up before a training session may cause muscle tear and strain, potentially leading to long-term injury and requiring you to take a break from training to heal.

Always do the Dynamic Warmup to protect yourself from unnecessary injuries and unleash your best performance during a training session.