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3 reasons you aren‘t reaching your weight loss goals

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Even though you‘ve amped up your training and started making healthier choices, when it comes to chowing down, you‘re still not achieving the results you‘d hoped for. Wondering what’s the issue? While there could be many factors at play, we‘ve summed up the 3 likely culprits standing between you and your weight loss goals.


Sure, what you eat affects your weight. But did you know that how you eat could also be the reason you’re missing that target weight? If you cut back severely on portion sizes and meals, chances are high that you will lose weight. But if the caloric deficit is too large, several physiological changes will occur that will eventually encourage weight regain, such as the slowing of your metabolism. This occurs innately to protect you against weight loss during times when food is rare. So, as soon as you go back to your normal eating behaviour, your body stores calories in the form of fat to ensure it has fat-reserves on hand for next time. For example, many people think that skipping breakfast is a no-brainer way to cut back on calories, when in fact eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism, and people who regularly eat breakfast tend to lose more weight in the long run.


Once we make up our minds to change a habit, why do we end up falling back into old ones? You probably know the saying ‘Old habits die hard‘, and this can be especially true when it comes to your eating patterns. For many people, learning how to say no to that late night snack can be super challenging, as they‘ve subconsciously developed certain habits over time, and don‘t know the life hacks to help them integrate simple, healthy food into their daily life. But apart from subconscious behavior and lack of knowledge, many people also lack the mental strength and motivation to keep going, and might be too impatient to let the results pay off.


…or lack of. One of the most frustrating things about healthy eating is all the conflicting nutrition information you can find floating around. While some studies tell you that calorie-counting is the way to go, others say to forget about it entirely. With so much information readily available at our fingertips, it‘s easy to be confused by many of the food myths and wonder which ones are really true. These days, it‘s no longer about good vs. bad, but rather about finding a balance that you can stick to in the long run that will leave your body not only healthy, but also feeling great.

Our solution: It‘s a familiar story. You pledge to honour a daily training schedule and cut back on treats. But soon, you find yourself late night snacking or grabbing happy hour drinks after work. Oops. Before you throw in the towel, just know there is a better way. Whether you struggle to maintain a healthy diet, or simply lack the knowledge and behaviour to make the right meal choices, our Nutrition Coach has your back. The Coach provides tailored recipe ideas based on the principle of clean eating. With built-in motivation, you‘ll receive recommendations based on top scientific research that will equip you with the most important nutritional knowledge to help debunk the food myths you may be falling for.

Losing weight is all about trial and error. You try a diet, and see if it works. And as any weight-loss warrior can attest, most of the time it doesn‘t. Believe it or not, many people struggle with the same issue time and time again, whether it‘s crash dieting or a lack of guidance and knowledge. The Freeletics Nutrition Coach will help you steer clear of weight-loss fails before they happen, and provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need to reach your goals faster. One Day or Day One. You decide.