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“My 20kg weight loss journey.” – Aom’s story

Aom Sarawur Wichaidit blog

My name is Aom, I am 25 years old and from Thailand.

I’m an engineer and a luthier. Unfortunately, 5 months ago, my mother lost her fight against cancer.  She was a fighter and always gave me the advice to “be a healthy and good human being”. I used to be overweight and knew I needed to make a change.

After this tough period, I found Freeletics on the internet. I downloaded the app and started my training. Now I train daily, even after work.

Freeletics works amazingly for me and I feel great now! I lost a lot of weight and went from weighing 101kg to 81kg.

Thank you Freeletics!!!! Thank you for this training system and lifestyle because you changed my life. Also, thank you to my mom for giving me the advice to make the change I needed in my life.

This is my 20kg weight loss journey with Freeletics and I’m feeling so grateful for it.