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Brain Health Masterclass: Boost Performance & Why it's Essential


Dr. Tommy Wood received a biochemistry degree from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of Oslo. He currently works as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at the University of Washington, where his lab focuses on brain health across the lifespan. He has published dozens of scientific papers and spent more than a decade working as a performance consultant to professional athletes.

In this episode with Freeletics CEO Daniel Sobhani they take a deep dive into the multifaceted world of brain health. Challenging the status quo, discussing the inherent biases in traditional IQ tests and the potential pitfalls of aspiring for better cognitive function. From the physiological markers of an unhealthy brain to the profound impact of lifestyle factors, they uncover it all. They also touch upon the brain's development through aging, the influence of early childhood, and the essential nutrients for optimal brain health.

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  • Personal Odyssey: Exploring his career journey and the principles that guided his decisions. 

  • Brain Health Defined: Understanding its measurement, relation to mental health, and the nuances of its benefits. 

  • IQ Test Controversies: Delving into the inherent biases and why they're considered sexist and racist. 

  • Potential vs. Achievement: Discussing if enhancing brain health merely helps achieve one's potential or expands it. 

  • Identifying an Unhealthy Brain: Recognizing signs and understanding the physiological implications. 

  • Brain Health Evolution: Tracing its development with age and historical shifts over the past half-century. 

  • Optimizing Brain Function: Highlighting the role of sports, exercise, and the most effective stimuli for the brain. 

  • Dietary Impact: Identifying key nutrients crucial for brain health. 

  • Lifestyle's Double-Edged Sword: Discussing factors that both protect and harm brain health. 

  • Reflections and Insights: A rapid-fire segment on happiness, youthful wisdom, and life-changing decisions. 

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