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The Freeletics Photo Challenge

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Last week we introduced the new photo feed update. Since then, your feeds have been full of photos of pain, pride, effort and achievement. And now it’s time to see your best ones. So we’re going to set you a challenge where you can win a Freeletics duffle bag. Ready to show us how you earn your #ClapClap?

The Challenge

To take on the #FreeleticsPhotoChallenge you’re going to have to work hard and get creative. We want you to send in your best training photos. Show the lengths you go to, to complete your workout. Do you train in the snow? In massive training groups? Did you master a skill after weeks of trying? Or cook an amazing post-workout meal? All of these are worthy of respect and deserve to be rewarded. So get your camera ready to capture your moment of glory and get noticed. Don’t hold back. Show how you feel and what you go through when you train.

Why should I take part?

Apart from being able to share your dedication, motivation and success with us, there will also be a prize. Your photos will be reviewed by the Freeletics team and the top 10 most inspiring and motivating ones will receive a Freeletics duffle bag.

How do I enter?

When you come to the end of your workout take your training photo. Using the new Freeletics photo update, upload it to your feed. Then, take a screenshot and email it to by March the 15th 2015 at latest, along with your name and the story behind your photo. Find the most motivating way to capture your emotions. Your accomplishment. The obstacles that you overcame to get to the end. We want to see it all.

Prove that you left your comfort zone. Send us your training picture and be rewarded for your hard work.

How do you plan to take on the challenge? Which photo will you choose to inspire us? Join the discussion. Leave a comment below.