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The Freeletics CEO Panel: The Aftermath


On January 10th, Freeletics held its very first CEO Panel event in New York City. The main topic of conversation was, naturally, what Dare To Be Free means to each of the four CEOs. This is what they had to say.


“As industry leaders, we have an opportunity to set healthier expectations and to guide people towards achieving their goals. Today, people are looking for more impactful and long-term changes, which is certainly a movement in a very positive direction” - Daniel Sobhani, Freeletics

“Don’t say, 'if I can’t do an hour, I can’t do anything'. HIIT workouts are great for me because they cancel out these excuses. Removing the opportunity to make excuses couldn’t be more important in this day and age” - Benita Fitzgerald-Mosley, CEO, Laureus USA

“It was important to hear the mindset of the American people and how much work still needs to be done to make America healthier. There is certainly a lack of knowledge and too many excuses available, and it’s our duty to change that” - Joe De Sena, Founder and CEO, Spartan

“We often set our expectations too high. It’s not about competing with other people, it’s about setting your own goals.” - Amanda Pullinger, CEO, 100 Women in Finance

This is what Dare To Be Free means to our CEO panel. Make today the day you decide what it means to you.