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Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson: This is my Journey


Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a champion MMA fighter with one of the most notorious kicks in the UFC. He’s a warrior, a winner and a survivor. This is his journey.

Wonderboy is a man of two halves, a living dichotomy. A beast in the octagon, pummeling his opponents to the ground. Invincible. A demon. Then there’s the other side. The family man who teaches kids martial arts, drives the bus to karate practice and trains in his parents’ backyard. He’s a champion, but he’s also a son. A warrior, but a friend.

Balancing these two sides of himself takes discipline, commitment and balance. His journey consists of multiple paths crisscrossing and interweaving between one another. It takes the right mindset to know when to keep the two worlds apart. Which is why, for Wonderboy, mental strength is just as important as physical strength. It’s about cultivating the right mindset, developing focus and learning how to cope when life throws obstacles in his path. In short, he’s chasing the mindset of a champion

Wonderboy’s journey doesn’t have a typical starting point. He’s a high performer, already at the top of his game, but that’s not enough. He’s hungry, he’s ambitious and he’s always looking for more. MMA is his job, but training is his life. And he knows, as any true athlete does, that you have to diversify if you want to achieve. He’s starting a journey to the next level.

But it’s not an easy journey. Wonderboy has been beaten before: even champions get knocked out sometimes. He knows what defeat tastes like and he has no intention of going near it again. He knows what it takes to come back from the lowest of lows and the level of commitment needed to raise yourself to the top again.

His journey is one of exploration, of finding something that lets him balance the body and the mind, the fight and the family, the light and the dark. He needs something that will take him where he wants to go and challenge and push him every step of the way. By this point, he knows his body and he knows what he needs, it’s just a case of finding the solution. He owns the fight, he owns the cage and he owns his journey. Because he’s the one deciding where he wants to go.