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We come from a generation who complain that there is just no time to train in a modern-day schedule. That’s why most fitness companies are racing to try and convince you to waste some of your precious time each day – but only the bare minimum – in a bid to get fit. But we’re not here to do that. We know that fitness isn’t a waste of time. On the complete contrary: it empowers time. Think about it. That 30 minute Freeletics workout you did in the morning gave you the energy to conquer the next 8 hours of your day. The training you put into your transformation made the next year of your life better. You built the strength to climb that mountain. The stamina to run that marathon or travel across Europe. The mental focus and confidence to ace that university test or give birth to the next big idea. The health to keep your prime going and to enjoy your family or what matters most to you. If you’re someone who always thought that life is about more fitness, then you’ve been wrong all along. Because actually, it’s fitness that’s about more life.

How can a fitness company say that life isn’t about more fitness?

Let’s be really honest: To stick to a training routine, fitness has to fit nicely into our lives because most of us love life more than working out. A lot of communication in the fitness sector is therefore about losing more weight, getting more muscles, spending more on running shoes, more fame, etc. We on the other hand, also believe in intrinsic motivation – in building desire vs. obligation or guilt. That’s why we not only promote fitness – but we also promote life.

How does Freeletics as a product help people achieve More Life?

Freeletics is a very smart way to train. It’s completely personalized to your goals and parameters for maximum efficiency and maximum results. You can train anywhere, anytime, without equipment which removes all constraints that might stop you from exercising. By being compatible with your busy schedule, Freeletics is one of the best ways to get fit, and by being fit, you will be able to be, live and do, more. It’s empowering, giving you more freedom. It’s effective, giving you more strength. It has a kick-ass community of over 20 million Free Athletes worldwide, giving you more support. And it’s personalized perfectly to you so you’re not wasting time exercising in vain, therefore giving you more time.

If you’re someone who always wanted to do more, see more, achieve more and live more. Then it’s time to train more. #MoreFitness = #MoreLife. 5,4,3,2,1…Go!

Meet the Free Athletes behind the campaign:

More Freedom – Ivano

More Time – Alex & Kathi

More Support – Charlotte

More Results – Dorian