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Hussain Manawer: This is my Journey


Hussain Manawer is a poet, writer, musician and mental health advocate from London, England. He’s an artist, a creator, a survivor. And he’s just getting started. This is his journey.

Hussain hasn’t had the easiest journey to date. Loss, trauma and struggles with mental health shaped much of his life. His journey has been anything but linear. But easy and direct are never attributes he’s sought out. The difficulties he’s overcome and the challenges he’s faced are what made him who he is today. They’ve shown him that he’s strong, that he’s committed to himself and his journey and, most importantly, that he owns his journey.

Hussain’s journey is one of getting started. Of starting again afresh and anew. He doesn’t particularly want to be a record-breaking athlete or the top of any leaderboard. He just knows how important training both the mind and the body are for improving yourself and he’s ready to start his journey in this direction. He wants to gain self-confidence with a guide he can trust and is chasing both a physical and mental transformation. Because he knows that this is how he will own the daily struggle, the voices telling him to quit and the fear of failure.

Believing in himself is the hardest part. Believing that he can do it, that he can make the change and become a better version of himself is the first and biggest hurdle he has to overcome. Mental resilience is something he knows a lot about and it’s something he’s willing and ready to develop further. For Hussain, cultivating the mindset of a winner is far more important than building muscle or losing weight. Mentality is the cornerstone of his motivation, it’s what’s driving him forward.

He needs guidance, a light to illuminate the path ahead, but he doesn’t want a helping hand. He’s an artist; the freedom to create and be himself are what drive him. He doesn’t want the pressure of constant connection and instruction. He’s not blind, he just needs someone to turn on the light.

His journey is one of mental resilience. Of overcoming the demons and naysayers that threaten to hold him back. He knows his flaws, his bad habits and his weaknesses all too well and acknowledging this is the first step on his journey. He’s already on the road when it comes to his mental journey. Now it’s over to the physical - these two are irrevocably intertwined. He’s starting his race. And he knows exactly where he’s heading.