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Freeletics x Fnatic: Change your body. Change your mind. Change the game.


When you envision the lifestyle of a professional athlete, what do you think of? Waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym? Or spending countless hours on the court or field mastering new skills and strategizing ways to take their game to the next level? Perhaps it’s scenes of crossing the finish line or scoring the winning goal that hit home the hardest.

Now think about pro esports athletes. While you may be aware of the skill and dedication it takes to be a gamer, you might not be likely to use words like “fitness” and “gaming” in the same sentence.

Because, let’s be real here: gamers haven’t always enjoyed the best reputation in pop culture. For years, the image of a gamer was often of a younger male with questionable hygiene and a sedentary, screen-heavy lifestyle.

Before the rise of esports, there’s even a good chance you’d exclude gamers from traditional pro athlete status. Flash forward to today and you can see a complete shift in the gamer profile.

Forget the’s gamers are ready to go the extra mile

Today top gamers are top earners. And some of the best of the best are women. Tune in to any number of TV channels or live streams and you can enjoy riveting competitive sports entertainment alongside millions of others across the globe. 

The industry is booming and so is the competition. And just like traditional athletes, the continuous drive and passion of esports players to outperform the other team is what defines them.

Sure, gamers do spend many hours per day sitting but as more and more of them are realizing (casual gamers and esports pros alike!) healthy habits and active movement provide incredible benefits for them all.

That’s why Freeletics has teamed up with high-performance esports brand, Fnatic and specifically with their CS-Go team. Fnatic knows just how important it is to live a fit and active lifestyle and does an exceptionally great job prioritizing this holistic training with its players.

Together we will work to show that just as Free Athletes do not fit inside a box, neither do gamers. Each comes from a different background and brings different skills, abilities, and ambitions to the table. But there is one thing that unites them. And that is that they go the extra mile.

What does it mean to go the extra mile?

Going the extra mile all comes down to the inner drive to be better than yesterday. It's what separates the winners from losers and is what makes legends soar. Going the extra mile is no secret to Fnatic and in fact, it is a mindset that they tap into every single day, with the help of their High Performance Unit (HPU).

The Fnatic HPU helps ensure that players are sleeping properly, eating the right foods, exercising regularly, and training their mind.

As Fnatic’s Head of Performance, Jens Hofer knows just how valuable a complete and science-based training program like Freeletics can be for esports athletes. 

According to him, “Modern esports performance demands so much from players both on the server and in their everyday lives. We’re happy to partner with Freeletics to help show the benefits of physical and mental fitness for in-game performance, not just for our top-level pros, but for everyday gamers as well.”

Modern esports performance demands so much from players both on the server and in their everyday livesJens Hofer, Head of Performance @ Fnatic
Go the Extra Mile!

Inspiring Free Athletes everywhere

Being a Free Athlete means not compromising when it comes to reaching your goals– not just on the training ground, but in all areas of life. It means choosing to step outside of your comfort zone and striving to become a better version of yourself every single day. In doing so, every Free Athlete goes his or her very own extra mile.

In the words of Freeletics’s own CEO, Daniel Sobhani, "Continuous development and hard work towards a self-set goal is what Freeletics and Fnatic have in common...this means never giving up, never quitting, and going the extra mile to achieve greatness again, and again, and again.”

Stay tuned for more exciting content around gaming, fitness, and how these two universes can come together to find their extra mile both in-game and IRL.