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Freeletics Community Welcome Day

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Fall is around the corner, vacations are a distant memory and the reality of returning to our normal lives is staring us down. It’s a time of transition and a time when many people get inspired to start a new fitness journey.

So you’re motivated and want to start training, but what next?

Diving headfirst into Freeletics can seem quite daunting, so we’ve made it a bit easier by holding Freeletics Welcome Sessions in 14 locations across the world, specifically intended to help you kickstart your Freeletics journey.

How will the sessions work?

With the Freeletics Welcome Sessions in selected cities around the world, you’ll get a warm welcome to the Community and an introduction to the Coach as well as all guidance and support from your local Freeletics Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors will guide you through a typical Coach day from the Freeletics app. Unlike in the app where Coach days are tailored to the individual user, the Welcome Sessions will take the form of a standardized Coach day so new Free Athletes can get an idea of what to expect. This means that you’ll work through a Dynamic Warmup, Drills, Intervals, God workouts and a Cooldown.

Everyone is more than welcome to join the sessions, whether you have the app already or not. And feel free to bring a friend along - the more the merrier!

The details

All information can be found in the event page here.


Saturday, September 14 - Time dependent on the city (see below)


AUSTRIA: Aubad, Tulln. 10am with Bettina

BELGIUM: Parc de la Bouverie, Liège. 10am with Gaëtan

BELGIUM: Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels. 10am with Dimitra.

FRANCE: Façade de l'esplanade, Lille. 10am with Mylène, Dorian and Quentin

FRANCE: Bastide-Niel. Bordeaux. 8am with Anthony

JAPAN: Hibiya Park Health Square, Tokyo. 10am with Marie-Theres

SWITZERLAND: Street Workout Park Hardhof, Zurich. 10am with Simone

USA: TBC, Murrieta, CA. 10am with Chris

GERMANY: Massmanpark, Munich. 10:30am with Rolf

GERMANY: Hansaplatz, Cologne. 11am with Jan

GERMANY: Freeletics Training Ground, Berlin. 2pm with Anne

SPAIN: Madrid Río, Madrid. 11am with Ada & Gustavo

SPAIN: Passeig Marítim, Barcelona. 10am with Euken

ISRAEL: Ashdod-Yam Park, Ashdod. 8pm with Boris

Let's recap:

Ready to start your Freeletics journey? Join your local Community Welcome Session on September 14th and see what the world's largest fitness community could have in store for you. Get all the updates on the event page here.