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Freeletics Community: German National Event


Bad weather doesn’t stop the Freeletics Community. Despite pouring rain, Free Athletes from across Europe came together to train, connect and celebrate.

The event

On Saturday October 19th 65 Free Athletes made their way to Cologne and took part in an epic community training session. The event was planned and hosted by Freeletics ambassador Jan Winter to unite the local Freeletics Community and welcome both new joiners and international Free Athletes.

The workout

The day began at 2pm on the banks of the Rhine, in the shadow of the Cologne Cathedral. The group began with a Warmup and Nyx workout, before moving on to a Kentaurous relay.

Then came the real challenge, a Helios battle against Freeletics legend, Vanessa Gebhardt. While some took on the challenge of completing this mammoth workout alone, others embraced community spirit to make it a team relay challenge.

Beyond the workout itself, the group spent time connecting, sharing snacks from the Nutrition app and sharing their Freeletics stories. For the new joiners, this was a time to learn more about the Freeletics Community and what it means to be a Free Athlete.

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