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Alexandra the Business Woman: This is my Journey


Alexandra is a business woman, a social butterfly and an executive. She’s a high-flyer, a high achiever and a “high on life” kind of woman. But even she only has 24 hours in a day. This is her journey.

Alexandra is no stranger to the fitness industry. She’s a former professional tennis player with an enviable trophy cabinet and a lingering desire to push herself above and beyond her limits. But now, it sometimes feels like life’s got ahead of her. She’s tried countless fitness apps over the years in an attempt to maintain the athletic lifestyle she’s used to, but work and travel commitments mean that she’s rarely able to commit to any one program. She needs something that will enable her to reach her potential and maintain her lifestyle as a high-performer.

Yes, she’s busy. Yes, her schedule is overflowing, meetings overlapping with social events. Commitments on commitments stacking up endlessly. But Alexandra isn’t about giving up. She owns the hustle. She owns the excuses that threaten to derail her. Because she owns her journey. She knows where she wants to go and she knows the path she needs to take to get there. And it’s not a path lined with easy ways out.

Alexandra is making the choice to become the greatest version of herself and she’s acting on it. She’s a doer through and through. She doesn’t need somebody or something to lead her by the hand. She needs flexibility and the freedom to write her own journey, however she sees fit. She knows that sometimes, sh*t just happens and she needs to be able to react and alter her path accordingly. For Alexandra, her journey is a river, coursing through nature and eroding its own path to reach its destination effectively, not an unmovable, rigid highway.

Alexandra’s journey is one of taking control of every minute in her day. She doesn’t want to compromise or make do, she wants to succeed and be the best version of herself she can possibly be. She knows what it takes to be fit, healthy and strong and she sees no reason why her lifestyle should be a barrier to this. As Alexandra sees it, you really can have it all, you might just have to work your ass off for it.