What are technique sessions and do I really need them?

Technique sessions are there for you to practice. And since practice makes perfect, regardless if you have done an exercise many times before, your movement quality can always be improved.


Confident you’ve got the standard exercises down? Wouldn’t be so sure about that. Even the most “straightforward” movements require skill and practice. And like professional athletes, practicing technique should be top of your to-do-list. Good news – with the introduction of technique sessions, your Coach makes sure it is. Practice skill with no timer or pressure. Exercises labelled with “technique”, allow you to be mindful about your body, muscles and movement, and focus 100% on your quality of execution.


Technique sessions also enable the Coach to learn from you. Do a technique session, earn a star in your subsequent technique feedback, and the Coach knows that he can assign you more repetitions of this exercise next time. Thanks to the new technique sessions, your Coach will now know how many repetitions of certain exercises you are able to do and with this information, personalize your next Coach week even better. Unfortunately, technique and practice is underestimated and many are unaware of the following benefits that spending extra hours on getting movement and form right, can have on your performance:


  1. The better your technique, the more you benefit from your workouts. Why? Perfect technique assures that your muscles are employed in the smartest way. You learn to engage and strengthen the muscles a specific exercise is actually designed for. You progress where you are supposed to progress. Let’s take squats: Do them right and you will quickly feel your gluteal muscle burning. Great – this also means you’ll reap the rewards. Do them wrong and you’ll have an easy going workout, but the downside is that you’ll probably have to wait much longer, until you see your desired results.
  2. Correct technique reduces the risk of injury and strain on your joints. Even the easiest exercise can cause injury when done incorrectly.
  3. By learning technique, you become more conscious of the fact that “training” is also about teaching your body correct movements to trigger every single muscle.


Technique requires patience and consistent practice. It takes time to master a movement perfectly and that’s exactly why technique sessions also don’t have a timer. So forget about how long it will take you to learn something, and just focus on learning it right.