What is the technique feedback and how does it affect my Coach plan?

Freeletics is not only about competing against the Gods and earning your next PB. It’s also about learning and constantly improving technique in order to get the maximum out of your training.

What is the function of the technique feedback and star?

If you haven’t discovered the technique feedback yet, you will do so after completing any type of Freeletics Bodyweight training. Do a God workout, an exercise or an interval and you will be asked to give the Coach feedback on your technique, right after. You can assess your technique by choosing from different options on a slider, ranging from poor to excellent. The better your performance and the closer you are to being excellent, the more likely it is that you will earn a star. The Coach will give you a star if you complete everything as prescribed with perfect technique.

Why is it important to be honest about your technique?

  1. The technique feedback supports you in better assessing your own exercise and workout execution. By reflecting on your training, you become more conscious about your movements, reduce your risk of injury, and – in the end – benefit from maximum training effects.
  2. With the technique feedback function, you have the opportunity to interact with your Coach and tell him about your skills and capabilities. From this, your Coach knows what you are good at and what needs to be improved and can therefore create an even more personalized future training experience.
  3. If you earn a star during your technique feedback the Coach will take this as a sign that you can do a certain number of exercise repetitions with perfect technique.