How do I know if my technique is perfect?

If you’re unsure about technique, here are a few tips:

#1: Start by watching the exercise tutorial videos very closely, paying special attention to the optimal range of motion. Check the crucial points in the video and try to replicate the movement very slowly. As you follow the movements, think carefully about things like “does my chest really touch the ground?” or “are my hips really below my knees?”

#2: Ask your training buddy to evaluate your technique and check all the movement points while you slowly perform the exercise. If you’re training alone, take a video with your smartphone or place yourself next to a mirror and check your execution during training or afterwards.

#3: Then, pay attention to every minor movement. The next step is to compare your exact movement to those in the tutorial videos – core tension, angles of body parts relative to the ground, etc. Check for things that maybe aren’t described in the rules, but are visible in the tutorial video. How do they look compared to your performance?


It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done 7000 Burpees over the last year. Technique is always something that can be improved. Take technique training seriously and develop a passion for practice. It’s the key to progress, results and safe training.