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Training and regeneration: How should I structure my Running Coach weeks?

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Taking up a new sport can be daunting – especially if you’re a beginner. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin and what to do. It’s also important not to overwhelm your body when you start. So how much should you be running and how much training is too much? Here you can find out how to best structure your Running Coach weeks and be sure that you have enough time for regeneration.

How often should I run per week?

It is recommended to train three to four times a week to increase your performance. That means completing one unit per training day. Training more often will not leave enough time for most people to regenerate properly. Regeneration is a vital way of giving your body enough time to turn graduated training into better running form. There are also ways to optimize regeneration, such as getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet (which also means getting enough protein after intense workouts, as well as enough carbohydrates and essential fats). Regenerating is a key part of training and shouldn’t be left out, because improving running performance depends on a good balance of hard work and regeneration. So you should aim to take rest days between runs – you can freely choose which days of the week you run on, so you can plan training and rest days to best fit your schedule. Only in Hell Weeks will you have to run every day of the week, but these take place after a low intensity, regenerative week

However, improving your performance is generally achieved through continuous training, so the time between trainings shouldn’t be too long. If you keep stopping for four or five days, you won’t be able to maintain the improvement you achieved, and instead simply maintain your current fitness level. The more consistently you train over a long period, the longer the benefits will last. If you are training with the Bodyweight and Running Coaches simultaneously, it is recommended to include two to three Running units a week.

I feel overwhelmed – what can I do?

Do your best to complete all the week’s workouts within seven days, then you can unlock the next Coach week. This is the most effective way of training. But if you are a beginner, and your body isn’t used to the intensity – or if something else gets in the way – you can stretch the week out further if you need to. This means taking more than seven days to complete all of the training units the Coach gives you for the week. But sticking to the weekly Coach plan is the best way to achieve fast and long-lasting results.

I finished my Coach week early – what now?

Sometimes you may finish all your training units early one week. If you would then like to train more than the recommended amount, or get a head start on the next week, you can end your current Coach week after just five days and start the next week early. Or, you could include some Bodyweight training. But don’t forget that the training plans are based on sport science and take important regeneration periods into account. So only train more if your body is used to such high training intensity.